Economic Loss / Fraud

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Your Guide to Recovering Investment Losses

Economic damages is a broad term covering all types of economic or monetary loss to businesses and individuals. Our combined experience and background provide a unique set of complementary skills which are vital in calculating and supporting (or defending) a damage award.

A Sample Listing of Economic Damage Services We Provide:

  • Business Lost Profits due to Breach of Contract
  • Business Lost Profits due to Business Interruption
  • Business Lost Profits due to Infringement
  • Partnership/LLC Member Disputes
  • Destruction of Business
  • Corporate Dissolution (Corporations Code §2000)

Fixed fee quotes are available for some engagements; otherwise, hourly rates will apply. Please contact us for a free quote and consultation.

Being “ready for trial” is often the key to securing a good settlement

Our economic background allows us to navigate the many sources of economic data in existence and to apply that data in your case. We have accounting knowledge critical to understanding and explaining the nuances of financial statements and tax returns. And our fraud examiner background gives us the ability to dig deep into the financial records, navigating detailed accounting documents, and finding valuable data not apparent on the surface.

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Other Services Provided:

  • Supportive Expert Declarations
  • Requests for Production of Documents
  • Assistance with the Preparation of Special Interrogatories
  • Attendance at Opposing Expert Depositions and Rebuttal Analysis
  • Assistance With Preparation of Examination Questions for Opposing Experts